Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?

Have You Never Been Mellow

There was a time when I was
In a hurry as you are I was like you
There was a day when I just
Had to sell my point of view, I was like you
Well I don't mean to make you frown
No, I just want to put you down, 6 feet down, in the ground

Have you never been mellow
Have you never tried to get your comfort from not deciding
Have you never been happy just to hear your wrong
Have you ever let someone else be strong

Running around as you do
With your head up in the clouds I was like you
Never had time to lay back
Shoot some hard drugs and get dead, I was like you
But you're not hard to understand
You need someone to stroke your gland

Imitation of Life

No use pretending I can't see
What each new day will bring to me
One more bad act in one more bad movie
But it ain't fucking bliss to me
Living in such luxury
With just one choice:
More boredom or more misery

A bunch of stupid cattle waiting for the butcher's knife
The walking dead in imitation of life

At work and school you pay your dues
Obedience for the right to choose
The most exciting brands of nothingness
There'll be no game I just won't play
I'll get my kicks another way
Gonna burn and steal my way to happiness

You say it's always been this way
You've got to fill each boring day
With stupid little acts repeated endlessly
Well I've tasted the carrot and felt the stick
Now you can have a bite of brick
In return for your assault and buggery

Bionic Girl

You say you're a special girl
Living in a special kind of world
You say you get your love
From some kind of Bionic God above

Bionic Girl

You say you want it do you? do you?
Well you're gonna get what's coming to you
You say you want to play
Well Bionic Dog will go all the way


Someone's in the tower, someone's in the dirt
Someone's got a gun, someone's getting hurt

Someone's shooting at random, Brenda Spencer's in your bed
Someone's got a bomb, someone's getting dead

Day By Day

Day by day your mommy's dying
Day by day your daddy's dying
Day by day the tide is turning
Day by day your altar's burning


Take a look at your parents that's what you're headed for
It should give you a fright
They might as well been dead for the last thirty years
But they're nice and polite
There's nothing in their future 'cept the nursing home they've worked for all of their life
They waste their fucking lives but they still have the nerve to try to manage your life

Knocking on your door
Will you let it come?
Will you let it run your life?

Living in a world where life's just a game
A game you've already lost
You go to school for twelve years where you learn just one thing
How not to mind being bossed
Oh you'll learn to follow orders when each day's just the same
And they all use the same voice
Just where you'll go to work for the next 50 years
That's your freedom of choice

You know you're 'well adjusted' when you don't seem to mind
That cops are always around
You're repeating useless gestures, that's no cause for alarm
Where there's no life to be found
Well it's time you started thinking inside your head
That you should stand up and fight
1984's been here for the last 40 years so
Destroy what bores you on sight

Burn Warehouse Burn

I'm alive and I can prove
Found a window, put a brick right through it
Sorry mom can't do my chores
It's too much fun setting fire to stores

Burn Warehouse Burn

I'm gonna buy myself a gun
So I can reach out and touch someone
Can't stop now that I'm awake
What my eyes, see my hands will take


We nailed you to a cross, but you're still a fucking pain
Dead 2000 years, still can't get it through your brain
You're just a worthless corpse, you're just a pile of shit
Give me a couple of nails, and I'll ventilate your pit

Jesus entering from the rear
Fucking you in the ass
Just another faggot
In just another mass

We won't take it any more, we just won't take that trash
You're another stupid martyr with another rectal rash
We won't take you in the butt, we're just waiting for the when
We've got a lot of nails to do it to you again

You thought it would be cute, you thought it would be fun
But wait 'til I split your shitter with a soldering gun
Jesus on a plate, Jesus a la carte
Jesus under glass, just another fucking tart


I'm not your pet, I'm not your fucking sheep
I'm not in love with your idea of fun
I'm not a submissive carcass to be kicked
So I think that I'll just destroy it

Games - Played by vandals and thieves
Games - Against God and Country
Games - You're beautiful to me
As we're burning down schools and factories
Games - Played by vandals and thieves
Games - Like Lod and Munich
Games - You're beautiful to me
As we're burning down schools and factories

Bought and sold like any piece of meat
Another useless thing, just like all the rest
Another day, another dull memory
So I think that I'll just destroy you

Grenades and guns, a little gelignite
Games like this is all you have to look forward to
Autonom‚s the Movement Second June
You know what it's like to be truly in love


There's no heaven, there's no hell
There's no future, there's nothing to sell

When I'm dead and in my place
It's the wall I've got to face
I just won't buy it, I won't subscribe
No, no, no, no, no, no, no

Now I see you there on your knees
I no want it, I no want your disease


I've got that Stayfree confident look
I know I can rely
With that OB between my legs
I know I'll never cry

With that Stayfree confidence
You're assured of no offense
With that Stayfree confidence

Dead Bodies

Well I met you out in the graveyard
You looked so soft but your flesh was hard
But you had such a pretty smile
Now they call me necrophile

Dead bodies

She never shouts, she never screams
I fill her with my live warm cream
She looks so stiff, her skins so cold
But what the fuck I'll soon be old

Gut Rage

Beautiful as a rock in a cop's face
Leaders and their lies:
A little violence should put them in their place

Gut Rage

Giving the lie to the liars
A little night arson:
'Cause I've got a burning desire

Running riot
With the joys looting can bring
It's now or never
Better than turning senile at 16

Destruction Unit

I'm just a unit, a destruction unit
I'm just a unit, a destruction unit
want to employ, want to destroy you
I'm just a unit, a destruction unit

I'm a killer on the road, you're just a poodle on the road
I'm a killer on the road, you're just a poodle on the road

L-O-V-E (another damp thing)

You told me you love me, I wish you were dead
Use that word again and I'll blow off your head


I want to whisper sweet nothings in your ear
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

Love in the Ruins

Get a good job, one that will last
Spend the next 50 years
Tongue jammed up the bosses ass
Or I can be my own boss, my own cop too
Fuck myself in the butt and beat myself black and blue
No. I'd rather get my lollies taking life in my own hands
While my boss steals my time, I'm stealing what I can

When you see me on the street do my looks annoy you
Take a real good look at what's going to destroy you
I've found I like being a problem playing at your fall
What you gonna do about it? You can't kill us all
I'm the enemy and you're the fucking pigs
Ever think that these matches might be lighting more than cigs?

Remember us from Moss Side? Or was it Paris '68
Fires too close for comfort? It's just practice for your wake
We're playing new games now, riots every day
Your end's around the corner so have a nice day
We'll be destroying the morals that make us your slaves
We'll be killing cops and bosses and fucking on your graves

No more cops, no more work, no more bosses, no more money, no more politics, no more sacrifices, no more wasted time, no more mommies, no more religions, no more boredom, no more orders, no more bad jokes, no more of this shit

Fuck You

I don't need a stupid bitch
so I'll just kick you where you piss
I don't need a Minute Maid
What you need's a can of Raid

Fuck you

I don't need a good night kiss
I don't need no more of this
I don't need a TV wife
All I need is a knife
I'm just your Allen Funt
Stick a broken coke bottle up your cunt

Fuck you